Top Vegan Festivals Across the Country + VegFest Fort Lauderdale

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Making the decision to go vegan was the best thing I ever did…I feel better about myself physically and emotionally, and I have had a blast exploring new recipes. bloggers, events, restaurants, etc… So many positive things yet on the flip side, the hardest thing to cope with has been criticism and lack of support, especially from those closest to me!  Taking the vegan journey alone can be a difficult one 😞
One of the best things I have done is check out local vegan events in my area, more specifically vegan festivals!!!  I was able to meet new people, check out new products, taste yummy vegan food, and best of all, feel a part of something bigger than myself 💚 Keep reading to learn about some of the biggest and best vegan festivals in the United States 🌎

Before I attended my first vegan festival, I thought to myself, “Am I going to be the only person that shows up to this thing?  It’s probably going to be a flop and no one is going to show!” 🐮🐷

Meeting new people at VegFest Fort Lauderdale

Boy was I wrong!!!  There were so many people in attendance that the entire venue was packed!  This made me think a little…obviously I now see what a huge community the vegan movement is and I may not be the only one who was a apprehensive about attending one, ALONE might I add!  So I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of the biggest vegan festivals in different parts of the country for anyone who is standing on that diving board…ready to take the vegan plunge so to speak 😍 You are not alone my vegan friend!!!

So since I am from South Florida I figured what better place to start us off!  I have seen a huge growth in the vegan movement over the last two years in South Florida 🌞

Southeast – South Florida VegFest (COMING DEC. 2, 2017!!!)

2016 was the first year Vegfest made its way to the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale.  It quickly became evident that it was here to stay!  With over 75+ vendors, it is now North America’s Largest Vegan Festival…Yayyyyy!!!  Created by Kyle Michaud, founder and creator of the world’s largest plant-based consumer festival company, VegFest is all about celebrating the health, environmental, and and animal benefits of a plant-based lifestyle 💚 There is going to be tons of amazing food to eat, food trucks, engaging speakers and exciting performers, as well as, a Thai cooking class and a Vegan kickstarter session!
For more info, visit their site at:

Amazing fruit selection to sample at VegFest Fort Lauderdale

Baked Goods and Cookies at VegFest Fort Lauderdale

Southwest – SoCal VegFest

With almost 140 vendors, SoCal VegFest in southern California is a spectacular two-day event celebrating healthy eating and conscious living.  This Oct 28 & 29th, the 3rd annual event will have tons of plant-based food samplings, music, guest speakers, cooking demos, raffles, interactive booths, and a really cool children’s area…After all, a plant-based kid can lead to a plant-based adult and possibly future family!
Check out this festival at: 💙  

Northeast – Tri-State VegFest

The little sister to South Florida VegFest, the Tri-State VegFest, will be turning two next summer on June 16, 2018.  The second time around attendees can expect a larger marketplace, an expanded variety of food vendors, an improved speaker and performance experience..not to mention, who can so no to some yoga?!?!
For information on next year’s event –>

Vegan Sandwiches at Tri-State VegFest

Vendor Booths at Tri-State VegFest

Pacific Northwest – Seattle VegFest

When I think vegan, I definitely think of places like Seattle, WA.  With 160+ vendors and sponsors, this vegfest is perfect for a roadtrip!  Something I found really cool about this event, was how they are offering a free medical seminar for physicians & medical students.  This seminar focuses on the benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as, for the prevention and treatment of diseases.  The festival even offers free health screenings.  I love this angle and think it really helps to progress the movement!
Check them out at: 💜

Midwest – Chicago VeganMania

Known as “the Midwest’s biggest, boldest, and most anticipated vegan lifestyle and food event,” VeganMania is 24,000 square feet of vegan vendors, PLUS a vegan food court, main speaker room, chef demo kitchen, a music stage, and a red carpet photo hall with props for our social media posting pleasure 📸 They even have a waiting list for people interested in volunteering their time…talk about high demand!  Having just taken place September 23, 2017, I can only assume next year’s event will be even bigger and better!
Check them out at –>

Tell me…Have you ever been to a vegan festival???  Let me know!  What festival(s) have you attended?  What was your favorite part about the experience?  Did you meet any local people to add to your vegan circle of trust? 😉 I can’t wait to read your comments 💜

Have A Beautiful Day, Love Lucy~~*

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