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One of the items that people don’t really think about when transitioning to a cruelty free lifestyle is tools…Everything from hair dryers to makeup brushes can be transitioned to cruelty free with just a little research and commitment.  
Recently, I had the opportunity to test out a line of makeup brushes that are both vegan and cruelty free and AMAZING!  Thank you M.O.T.D. Cosmetics for sending me these brushes to try out and review for my readers 😘 Keep reading folks to learn about the brushes I had the pleasure of playing with, as well as, a discount code to get a nice savings on your own vegan and cruelty free makeup brushes! 🌎

As you can see from my Instagram post, I received four brushes from M.O.T.D. Cosmetics. They sent a little bit of everything so I could put together an entire look easily and beautifully 💗 Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, but they have the cutest names I have ever seen for a line of makeup brushes.  I don’t know about you but I can never keep track of brushes that are named by numbers.  The totally adorable names also tell us what the brush should be used for.  

Below are the four brushes I received with descriptions from the M.O.T.D. Cosmetics site:

Beauty and the Base 

This brush is a perfect balance between softness and firmness. This certified vegan Beauty and the Base foundation brush flawlessly blends creams, powders, and liquids. Its ideal for those who want to a achieve a soft streak-free finish. 

Miss Shady Lady

Shade and blend eyeshadows with ease using this certified vegan high-performance makeup brush. Designed with extremely soft taklon fiber bristles, this versatile brush precisely blends cream or powder shadows on the lids. Its medium size bristles provides ultimate control for more unique needs like creating a smoky eye. 

Eye Catching Crease

Effortlessly apply, define, and blend eyeshadow with this certified vegan high-performance makeup brush. Designed with extremely soft taklon fiber bristles, the Eye Catching Crease brush is perfectly tapered for precise application. 

Get Cheeky With It

Apply blush, highlighter, and bronzer with this certified vegan high-performance makeup brush. Designed with extremely soft taklon fiber bristles, the Get Cheeky With It angled blush brush gives you precise control on achieving a sun-kissed glow. 

Now let’s talk a little about these M.O.T.D. Cosmetics brushes as a whole…

MOTD Brushes Bristle Heads
M.O.T.D. Cosmetics brushes are soft, full, and do an amazing job blending product.  The reason for this is because they are made of TAKLON, a synthetic fiber that mimics actual animal hair.  It gets better…I know can it get any better than not harming any animals??? YES IT CAN!  These TAKLON fibers are also anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, safe for people with skin sensitivities and allergies to animal fur, last longer, and dry quicker when regularly cleaned.  Animal hair brushes actually trap dirt and oils that actually breed bacteria if not cleaned properly…YUCK!
MOTD Brushes Handles
The brush handles are a gorgeous matte black embossed with m.o.t.d. at the end and the name of the brush along the handle in an oh so lovely rose gold.  The ferrule is also a magnificent rose gold and does a superb job at holding the brushes in place!  It is also nice and thick, not thin like other brushes that can tend to get bent and damaged.  Did you learn a new word today???  I had no idea that piece was called a ferrule either! LOL 😜 It appears to me that M.O.T.D. really put a lot of thought into the anatomy of their makeup brushes 💚

Let’s talk a little bit about my experience with each of these M.O.T.D. Cosmetics makeup brushes…

MOTD Brushes Beauty and the Base Foundation Brush
I have been using Beauty and the Base exactly as it was intended.  It does a very nice job at blending in my foundation.  I tend to use a thinner formula, such as the 100% Pure 2nd Skin Foundation, but it has also worked with a foundation stick, such as the Skincognito from Flower Beauty.  I tend to gravitate to my beauty sponge for foundation application, but this has been so smooth and easy to work with.  Now I just use my beauty sponge at the very end of application to set products and blur out any lines.  I have also enjoyed using it to apply setting powder, but I think I would still reach for a bigger, fluffier brush, like the Set and Go.  
MOTD Brushes Miss Shady Lady & Eye Catching Crease Eyeshadow Brushes
The two eyeshadow brushes I received have really been all I need for the perfect eye look.  Of the two, I would say my heart flutters when I use Miss Shady Lady.  This brush does a great job blending eyeshadow, and really does well on avoiding fall out.  The holds on to product until it is applied to the eyelid and with the bristles being so soft, it is fantastic for a seamless finish.  Eye Catching Crease is also amazing in its own right!  It really does a good job getting precise application in the crease without any dragging or skipping!  If you’re wondering about that palette in the picture, it is the beautiful Mermaid Palette from 100% Pure 🌊 You can read a full review of that palette here 😉
MOTD Brushes Get Cheeky With It Blush Brush
Get Cheeky With It is my go-to for every other face product, such as highlighter, blush, bronzer, and contour.  The angle on this brush is perfect for adjusting to different cheekbone structures.  I love how easily it can go from a light dusting to a deeper contour without compromising any of the product.  The bristles, as with the other brushes, are extremely soft and workable.  They bend and sway without any pull or tugging on the face, leaving behind a super smooth application.  I have tried using it with both a pressed product, such as the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Luminizer in Rose Gold.  It also works very well with loose pigments, such as the Everyday Minerals Blush in All Smiles.
Facebook Live First Impressions + GRWM

Curious to see these brushes in action???  I was too!  So I headed over to Facebook Live for a first impressions and super easy GRWM 😏 –> 


After using these brushes for a while, I decided to create a dramatic bright, summer look and share it with my viewers over on YouTube.  I went bold with bronze and orange shades which I think are great for the summer season!  I know the sound in the video is kind of wonky, but I hope you enjoy the tutorial!  Trust me, I know I’m not a makeup artist, but I really had a good time putting this look together! https://youtu.be/7J485couXIY

I’m pretty sure I promised you all a coupon code didn’t I???  Well, wait no more!  Use the code LUCY for 15% off your own magical vegan and cruelty free brushes over at www.motdcosmetics.com.  

Share the love with M.O.T.D. Cosmetics and connect with them online!

Have A Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*

Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for my 100% unbiased feedback and review.  All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

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