Lavender Slumber on Festival of Sleep Day

5 Steps to Lavender Slumber on Festival of Sleep Day blog title
Is there anything better than falling into a calm and serene slumber that carries you off into Dream Land? Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of everyday life we can put off enjoying the little things in life…mainly sleep!  Keep reading to lear5n a little more about Festival of Sleep Day and 5 easy steps to creating a lavender infused slumber in celebration of this fun holiday 💤

Festival of Sleep Day is really an unofficial holiday, but makes a lot of sense if you think about it.  It’s just after the holidays, where most people are running around, maybe staying up after their bedtime 😉, and maybe, just maybe, drinking a few alcoholic beverages 🍷…Throw in last minute shopping, cooking, wrapping, etc…and I’d say it’s about time for a nice, resetting slumber that helps to get us physically back on track.

5 Easy Steps for Creating a Lavender-Induced Slumber for Festival of Sleep Day 🌸

New York Biology Lavender Essential Oil and TaoTronics Essential Oils Diffuser

1.  Set the Mood

Our bedroom should really be our sanctuary, but only if we make it so.  I have been obsessed with my essential oils diffuser from TaoTronics.  I did a lot of research when picking this baby out.  I love the wood accent and it has led lighting that can be set to transition through different colors or set to just one color if the mood strikes.  I associate lavender with purple 💜 so I would set it there for tonight.   I also love this New York Biology lavender essential oil  I have a few of their oils and I love them all.  Peppermint came in handy over the holidays 🎄 A few other ideas to set the mood might include candles, incense, ambient music…these are all personal preferences.  What helps you set the mood? 
Wholefully DIY Lavender Linen Spray
Photo Credit: Wholefully

2.  Surround yourself 

In order to get the full effect of a lavender induced sleepy time, one of the things I love to do is use a linen spray.  They can be found in stores, but honestly, they are so easy to make that there is no need to shell out money.  You probably have everything you need right now.  I found this cute DIY from Wholefully on making a lavender linen spray.  I made a small bottle and keep it on my bedside table 🛏  I would recommend spritzing it on your pillow (both sides) and comforter and allow it to dry and set in.  That takes me to our next step…
Hello Glow DIY Aromatherapy Shower Tablets
Photo Credit: Hello Glow

3.  Bring the Heat

A relaxing, hot shower totally helps me start to wind down after a long day.  My aesthetician can always tell when I’ve been taking really hot showers from looking at my skin, but I can’t help it..they feel so good! 🚿 Toss in 1-2 once the shower is nice and steamy and enjoy 💜 I wash my hair and cleanse my body, then apply my hair conditioner.  While my conditioner works its magic, I take that time to just close my eyes and take in some deep breaths…I have purchased lavender tablets before from the brand, Aura Cacia but then I found this DIY, which again saves me moola.  Check out Hello Glow’s DIY for Aromatherapy De-Stress Shower Tablets…and just as with the linen spray, you probably have everything you need right now!
Trader Joe's Spa Lavender Hand & Body Lotion

4.  Get the feels

I don’t know about you, but I love putting lotion on after a shower.  I picked up this bottle of Trader Joe’s Spa Lavender Hand & Body Lotion on my last trip, and it is so luxurious 💝 The price is also very right!  I want to say it was like $5…Crazy right?!?!  I like to work this in all over my arms and shoulders, giving a nice self massage as I go along.  I do the same thing with my legs and feet, and throw on some comfy socks.  FYI this keeps my feet nice and insulated and when I take them off in the morning they are super soft and smooth!

Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile with Lavender Herbal Tea

5.  Enjoy the Ride

Once I’m settled in bed, there is no way I’m getting out (unless I need to pee…lol 😄😏)  One of my favorite ways to round out a sleep time routine, is a nice hot cup of tea and a good book.  I do read on my iPad very often, but there is nothing better than an actual book with a little book light 🕮.  It really just completes me 💗 I love a nice herbal tea, and this one from Traditional Medicinals is ideal for Festival of Sleep Day.  Their Organic Chamomile with Lavender is naturally caffeine free and a nice herbal blend, that also incorporates lemon balm.  Once I’m into my book, and sipping on my tea, I can start to feel my eyelids getting heavy and slowly, but surely, I doze off into Dreamland 😴

What does your sleep routine look like?  How will you celebrate Festival of Sleep Day???  Let me know in the comments 😘

Have a Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*
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