Spring 2015 Cruelty Free Top 3 in Lip Products

With Spring in full swing, there are so many amazing cruelty free products out there to try and fall in love with!  Well, Jessica from The Beauty Delicacy and I, Lucy at 2Gen Beauty, have developed a cruelty free beauty series to take the guessing game out of finding these great products!  Each week we will be focusing on a different area of beauty and sharing our Spring 2015 Cruelty Free Top 3!!! Follow the hashtag #crueltyfreetop3 to find our faves on Twitter and Instagram as well:)
Week 4 – Lip Products
Week 5 – Nail Products
Week 6 – Hair Care Products
Week 7 – Body Care Products
This week’s focus is all about lip products, IE lipsticks, lip treatments, lip liners, etc…I didn’t realize I loved my pout products as much as I did until I started prepping for this post! ❤ I also found it hard to pick out just three favorites, but I think you will enjoy:). Cruelty free lip love baby!
This brand has really taken the make up world by storm!  At first it was those little white pots of eyeshadow goodness! I placed two orders and I am over the moon happy with my purchases.  You can check out my haul here!  These Lippie Stix are super high-quality and stand the test of a full day of wear…my first color that I purchased is actually more of a berry wine which I love as well, but this “greige” (gray beige) is definitely my top fave!  What is your favorite Colour Pop Lippie Stix shade?
Every time I use this lip balm/gloss, I feel so sexy!  There’s just something about the blend of the Shea butter and essential oils along with a hint of Henna that makes me feel like a goddess ❤ Madflowers claims that this is a great lip potion for kissing, and I can vouch for that;). This lip potion also provides a mild tingling sensation (contains Vitamin E, collagen, & tangerine oil) which I think even helps to plump my lips…Pucker up!
I think the first time I saw this product was in a YouTube video and then it was incredibly difficult to find in stores. Everywhere I went this shade was always sold out!  When I was finally able to find it, I picked up a few extras just in case!  This matte lip cream is nondrying and the color is super opaque…Matte lip creams are really taking over in the lip product department, but some of them are super drying. NYX has managed to create a near perfect formula!
Honorable Mentions
I couldn’t post about cruelty free lip beauty without sharing some of my overall faves…Check them out below!
2Gen Beauty Cruelty Free Eye Product Faves
What are your #crueltyfreetop3???
Share them in the comments and on social media and don’t forget to hashtag!  I can’t wait to see what new brands & products I learn about thanks to YOU!
Have a Beautiful & Cruelty Free Day ❤

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