Going #CrueltyFree in 1-2-3!

I remember being a teenager and never even giving something like testing on animals a second thought.  It wasn’t that I didn’t care; it was really an issue of being an uninformed consumer.  Now as an adult, I have committed to only using cruelty-free products.  I actually had someone ask me recently, “What’s the deal with this animal testing thing anyway?  Is that for real?”  Needless to say, I was flabbergasted!  Of course it’s for real, and it’s cruel, horrible, torturous & completely UNNECESSARY!

I am going to focus on three easy steps to help you make the jump to #crueltyfree that much easier!  It really is a very easy transition if you stay focused on dedicated on the task at hand.

READY? 1-2-3!

1. Print a list of cruelty-free brands
2. Destashing
3. Clean out your social media

Print a list of #CrueltyFree brands
Most likely if you go online you will find multiple sites with tons of lists they have put together regarding #crueltyfree brands.  I recommend going simple and sticking to the sites that actually certify the actual brands as CF.  There are two #crueltyfree logos you want to keep an eye out for (feel free to click on each label to be taken to their current lists of certified #crueltyfree brands):

Of the two, the most coveted label is the one from Leaping Bunny; both because it is recognized on an international level, as well as, the stipulation in the agreement to allow the performance of independent evaluations of the brand’s practices.  PETA only requires a written agreement from the brand.  In addition, some brands on the lists do not sport the logo even though they are CF certified simply because it does cost them a fee to display the logo.  Always check the lists!

When making the choice to go #crueltyfree, it can happen one of two ways…cold turkey or moving forward.  Going cold turkey will require an evaluation of all the products you currently own, while moving forward allows you to keep your current stash and make conscious purchasing decisions “moving forward.”  When I went CF I decided it was better for me to go cold turkey.  This choice is completely up to you!  No judgement;)

TIP: Clean out any purses and/or bags you may have products in and put them where you house all your cosmetics products.  I mention vanity in my post, because that is what I have.  This could easily be adapted to any other type of storage.

Look at your vanity and work section-by-section or cosmetic type-by-cosmetic type, for example, I have all my lippies in one heart-shaped glass container.  Take your products and sit somewhere away from your vanity…trust me on this, it can be overwhelming so it’s better to stay focused and work in smaller batches.  Using your list of #crueltyfree and non-cruelty free brands, filter your stash.  Most likely there will be a few brands not on either list; set those aside for a little online research.  Once you have separated your CF from your non-CF, place your non-CF products into a bag and put your CF products aside (just not back on the vanity quite yet).  Move on to the next batch of products and continue this process until you have completed reviewing all the cosmetics products on your vanity.

By now you probably have a little pile of unknowns.  Now for a little research!  Thank goodness for the internet, huh?  Search for the company’s website and go to their FAQ’s.  Many times, one of those FAQ’s will address the company’s animal testing policy.  If they do not have any information regarding animal testing on their site, send them an email and wait for a response before you purge that product.


(From TooFaced.com)
No way, Too Faced loves animals! Our products are totally cruelty-free. In fact, our brushes are made with the softest and gentlest teddy-bear hair.

(From BenefitCosmetics.com)
Does Benefit Cosmetics test on animals?
We do not test our products on animals nor do we permit others to do so except where it is required by law.
We are deeply committed to the elimination of animal testing and we are playing a leading role in developing alternative methods through our support of the “Fund for Alternatives to Animal Testing” in the United States and the Opal Program in France. Additionally, we are one of only a few companies to have invested in creating our own internal department to test raw materials and ingredients to further ensure the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers, which is our foremost priority.
We are hopeful that alternative testing methods will be adopted worldwide and we will see an end to animal testing.

Notice the difference?

Benefit Cosmetics refers to law requirements.  This means that they sell their products in China, where testing on animals is a requirement for all cosmetics products at this time.  There are strides being made everyday, all over the world, regarding animal testing so it is best to subscribe to a few cruelty-free sites to stay abreast of new developments.  

To me, these brands are really not cruelty free.

Clean out your social media
How often do we see something on social media and we just have to have it?  What better way to avoid companies that test on animals than to NOT follow them on social media?!?!  This may take a while but if you focus on one platform at a time, you can probably get it done in about a week.  This also sends a message to those companies as they lose their followers, especially if you leave a goodbye comment,  “Sorry Covergirl, wish you were cruelty free!  Goodbye!”  I also recommend replacing them with #crueltyfree brands to spark your interest in what they are posting.  Just refer to your handy dandy list and start exploring!  I have found some amazing brands simply by searching the hashtag #crueltyfree.  I hope you check mine out @crueltyfreelucy on Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest!  

I hope this post has helped you make the transition to #crueltyfree simple & easy!  Please comment below with your experience and what new brand you may have uncovered.  I am always on the lookout for new #crueltyfree brands;)

As Always, Stay Beautiful & Cruelty-Free!
 Love, Lucy Y

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