Frueii by Christian Dale-Fragrance Review

       We all have our signature scents when it comes to fragrances.  Mine have run the gamut from Love’s Baby Soft back in my high school days to Narcisse by Chloe in my late 20’s and early 30’s.  I also went through a phase where it was all about body sprays…early 20’s?  That sounds about right…Those were a vast variety and we all shared on girl trips to Cancun or just renting for a few nights on the beach. 
Now I find myself really attracted to scents that radiate warmth and a level of sophistication.  That’s why Frueii by Christian Dale is my new signature scent.  This line, for me at least, really speaks to Italian romanticism.  Currently there are two scents in the Frueii line, #1 Affetto Love, which is currently available and #2 Hope & #3 Best Wishes, which are coming soon.  There is also a fourth scent in the works, #4 Affetto Laugh.
     I had the opportunity of reviewing the scents, #1 Affetto Love and #2 Hope.  Each one taking me away to a different space.  Affetto Love takes me riding a vintage bicycle with a basket in the front, carrying baguettes home for dinner down a rustic street.  It has a soft warm scent, with hints of vanilla and roses.  It is not an overpowering scent and provides the subtle hint of lingering, rather than right up front.  It’s the type of scent that someone special would get find when they got a little closer and could close their eyes and take in.

Frueii’s description for #1 Affetto Love (from their website):
No. 1 – Affetto / LOVE (Light spring musk & fruity and floral) Eau de Toilet is an experience of soft amber and musk made beautiful with rich floral accents and soft fruit, this scent entices the senses. Richly warm and comforting.
Fragrance Notes: Head: fruit. Heart: floral. Bottom: soft musk. Note: citrus, floral notes, rose, warm vanilla, cinnamon bark, light and airy.
With#2 Hope, I can picture myself sipping wine sitting on a picnic blanket, eating figs and cheese in a field surrounded by wild flowers.  All of it very reminiscent of Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun. Hope is more of a crisp scent with tones of fresh flowers and citrus, it has more of a kick to it, not like Affetto Love, which is more of a permeating scent.  I wake up in the morning and think about the type of day I might have and which of the two best suits my needs.  I do have more of an affection for Affetto Love, especially if I have time that evening to sit, drink a few glasses of wine and spend time with my hubby;) 
​I also love the look of the Frueii fragrances.  The bottles are classy & sophisticated, yet simple.   I can picture them on a vintage vanity with an antique mirror and hair brush.  It’s the type of bottle you want to keep once it is empty, and open it to take you back to the memories you made while you were wearing that scent, a trigger of the senses.  
 Affetto #1 is currently available for purchase on the Frueii website, and you can connect with Frueii on Facebook and Pinterest as well.  Check them out or comment below for more information and find your own signature scent ❤

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