Home Office Spacing with IKEA

 Probably my biggest struggle with working my blog from home has been the complete void of a home office.  Lucky for me, Bloggin’ Mamas & IKEA brought a few bloggers together to a special presentation on how to set up a super functional home office work space.  My reality right now is sitting on my sofa with my laptop on my lap or crashing at the local Starbucks or Panera to get some posting done.  Well, pretty soon that will be no more!!!  With the help of the IKEA team, I will be putting together a home office space that works perfectly for me:)
So this may sound crazy, but until the day of the Bloggin’ Mamas & IKEA event I had never stepped foot in an IKEA…I know it’s hard to believe right?!?!  Kids were actually welcome to this event so my teenager, Sophia, came along for the ride. 
Bloggin’ Mamas had their own little area set up in the home office area of IKEA products, and the signage was just so cool…I really felt so proud to be there representing my blog!   
Selfie time!
They were even doing giveaways for answering questions and for being a contributing member of the conversation.  Sophia actually won a little candle holder!
I think Sophia forgot that this was an event for me to set up my home office, not hers!  She set her eyes on the MICKE desk and has already made it very clear that she NEEDS this desk!  I must admit it will go perfectly with her bedroom furniture and it is actually quite versatile.  It can be purchased with the cabinet door as it is in the picture or without it for a person that doesn’t need the extra storage or a computer tower. 
Now it was my turn to give some of the desks a test run! I actually have my eyes set on the LINNMON/LALLE Table.  It doesn’t have a whole lot of storage but I could buy those separately and get exactly what I need.  I really want a desk that has a large “writing” area so that I have enough space for my laptop and extra space to set up shots of products and videotape reviews and tutorials. 
These would make for great under desk storage of any office supplies or pending products for review!
I will definitely be visiting IKEA again!  I really felt like a kid in a candy store…They literally have anything & everything you could possible need in the areas of housewares, home decor, and office furniture. 
This is the area I am looking to re-model.  I would really like to put the desk under the window because the natural light is perfect for product pictures and videos.  As you can see it is quite busy right now…I have a bookshelf, my grandfather’s armoire, a printer table, a console table under the window, and my two dogs’ crates off to the left side.  How would you make this work as a home office space?
Our presentation had quite a variety of home office solutions.  From a home office in the laundry room to a convertible home office in the living room area.  This one really spoke to me the most because I think I have a great space to work with.  Plus, it is the home office of a shoe designer!  How cool is that???
I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and definitely high tail it over to IKEA if you have ANY home organization and decor needs.  I really thought that from the sheer size of IKEA I was going to be completely overwhelmed but everything is organized perfectly and the staff is absolutely amazing to work with!    If you have not been, IKEA is definitely worth paying it a visit!  I guarantee it will be hard to leave empty handed:)
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Have a Beautiful Day!
Lucy @ 2Gen Beauty & Lifestyle ❤

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