The Beginning

It’s funny, because I have no idea how this journey even started!  My name is Lucy and I am a married mom of two kids with a very active professional and social life (and by social I don’t mean going out to night clubs and hanging out at bars).  I volunteer with an animal organization, I am the President of the Booster Club at my kids’ school and I run a part-time Passion Parties business. 

Back to the beauty products…I think my obsession started about 3 to 4 years ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I have worn makeup my whole life (starting at the appropriate age…obviously), but my then sister-in-law really opened my eyes.  Since then, I have watched countless YouTube videos on makeup reviews and tutorials and invested in more makeup than I care to admit!  
Now my almost 13-year-old daughter has jumped on the beauty train, although her indulgences are limited to nail polish, hair products and different styling tools, as right now I don’t think she is old enough to wear makeup on a regular basis.  This blog will be a chronicling of our experiences as we try out and review new products and unbag our NEW monthly subscriptions to ipsy and Julep Maven.

So follow along as Two Generations bond over beauty!!!  See you soon!

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