Vegan Cuts May 2019 Snack Box Unboxing

One of the hardest things about becoming a vegan wasn’t the will power or missing anything in particular…It was finding food products to replace non-vegan items in my diet, as well as, learning about different brands available and where.

Slowly but surely, I have developed my own favorites when it comes to staples I keep in the fridge or pantry.  Sometimes I do see something on the store shelf and wonder is it good?  Am I going to shell out $6 for a pack of cookies and they aren’t going to be very good?  So usually, I keep walking on items like this.  I wish I could try items like this before investing in a full size at the store and hoping for the best.  Enter Vegan Cuts!  Keep reading to check out my experience with the monthly Vegan Cuts Snack Box 🎁🍪

So I am already a huge fan of Vegan Cuts!  I actually subscribe to their seasonal makeup box, which I LOVE 💜 So when they asked if I would like to experience their snack box I couldn’t resist 🥰

The Vegan Cuts Snack Box is a monthly subscription service that brings 10+ chips, cookies, and on~the~go drinks and meals in an eco~friendly box.  The cardboard is made from recycled materials, is 100% recyclable, and the ink used on the actual box is soy based and biodegradable ♻🌱

The cost ranges from $21.44 to $24.95 per box based on if you commit to 6 or 12 months or just go monthly.  The box I received was actually the May box based on other posts I have seen on IG.  You can check out their July sneak peeks here!  There are actually 4 reveals this month!  I know I just can’t help myself 🤣 The Savory Wild Portabella Jerky is calling my name, and I am super intrigued by the Alo Dried Aloe and Mango Fruit Snacks.

Here is a breakdown of everything that was in my box and my thoughts…

Vegan Rob’s Cheddar Puffs – I really liked these…great snack for on the go:)  I think I still like Hippeas just a bit more but I would definitely pick these up as a 2nd option 🧀 The Daily Crave Veggie Chips – I really liked these as well!  I am a fan of original flavor when it comes to veggie chips so these were perfect 🍀Nairn’s Gluten Free Oat Grahams – These remind me of Belvita biscuits…really tasty…these would have been great to dip in my morning mocha latte ☕Love, Corn Roasted Corn Snack – I received these in BBQ…they were really good…nice, smoky flavor…if you love corn nuts these are definitely for you 🌽The Humble Co. Chewing Gum – I’m not much of a gum chewer but these were very much just like  a regular mint flavored gum…formula is not as chewy as regular gum and this one starts to separate after a while since it’s more of a natural gum base 🌳Lydia’s Coconut Curry Sauce – This was delish!  I demo’d it on my IG stories!  I used the instructions but then amp’d it up a bit with 1/3 cup of chickpeas and a healthy portion of sliced mushrooms, some veggie broth and the juice of half a lime, and served it up with jasmine rice and plantains 🍲Cal Naturale Svelte Protein Shake – I received this in the cappuccino flavor…I’ve never been one for a prepackaged coffee or shake product so, to be honest, this is still sitting in my fridge 🤷Bobo’s Oat Bites – Sooo someone ate this before I could try it!  Let me know in the comments…have you tried these before?  What did you think?Life’s Grape Vine Dried Grapes – The cutest raisins you ever did see!  And they come in dark chocolate dipped…now those I really want to try! 🍇Go Macro Protein Replenishment Bar – These come in a ton of flavors:)  I actually reviewed them on my blog going back a year or so –> 🌊Vana Life Green Chickpea Superfood Bowl – I received this in Coconut Chimichurri…definitely a flavor that I would gravitate to…I haven’t tried this yet but I have high hopes! 🍛Partake Foods Sweet Potato Millet Mini Cookies – So good!  These totally remind me of ginger snaps.  I have these hidden in my pantry so that NO ONE touches them and I squirrel them away and have one every now and again 🍪

So that is everything!  I totally find this to be a worthwhile snack subscription service…I think there is some great variety and although there were 1-2 items that I wasn’t as excited about trying, I think it was a fun box to get and I had the opportunity to try some products and brands I had never heard of 😍

So tell me…what did YOU think???  Would you be interested in the Vegan Cuts Snack Box???

Have A Beautiful Day, Lucy~~*
Disclaimer: Please note I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review. My opinions are 100% my own. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission based on any purchases you make using my links. Thank you for visiting and supporting my page 💖

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