Summer Mermaid Ready 🧜‍♀️ Essential Finds for Achieving Mermaid Summer Status

I have been totally and completely loving this summer! 🌞 We are having great family days out on the boat and the sandbar and I must say that I am rocking a pretty sweet sun-kissed glow! I do find myself reaching for certain types of products more than others and it’s definitely way more low maintenance since we are predominantly outdoors.

So I found myself falling down the proverbial online shopping destination that is Amazon. I say destination, because it’s really just that…almost like the 5-star resort of online shopping. I am a Prime Member so the allure of free super fast shipping, free returns, and endless options…enough said! Plus, they carry pretty much any brand you are looking for, even luxe, vegan, and cruelty free. OK…so f you know me, you know I love mermaids 🐚 Usually my search criteria looks a little something like this 🠞 mermaid beauty, mermaid skincare, mermaid phone case…you get the picture! LOL! Keep reading for some of my personal picks for the perfect mermaid summer season 🐠

Check out my top 10 mermaid essentials for hitting the ocean and the beach this summer!!!

#1 Sunscreen is a must! I am a big fan of the brand Sun Bum!  I have tried a few of their different products and have loved every single one of them…did you know they even make a great dry shampoo?!?!  My son and I use the SPF30 Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion on baseball days and let me tell you…it has saved us on some brutally hot and sunny game days ⚾   
Sun Bum Day Tripper Sun Care Pack
#2 – A detox face mask is the perfect thing to get your beautiful skin beach ready!  I have been crushing over this one from Captain Blankenship!  Their Mermaid Mask contains seaweed, matcha tea, lavender and ylang ylang just to name a few…This mask is so meant to be 
Captain Blankenship Mermaid Detox Face Mask
#3 – Mermaid hair is all the rage right now!  The only thing better than mermaid hair is shimmering mermaid hair ❤ This Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray, also from Captain Blankenship, is perfect to create sun-kissed golden mermaid locks! I may have to order this along with the mask!

Captain Blankenship Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray

#4 – This highlighting, contouring, and bronzing palette from Mia del Mar takes any mermaid to a whole new level of a sun-kissed summer glow.  Just take a big fluffy blush, dip into any of the magical shades in Chiseled Cheek-a and apply to achieve a dreamy, summer vibe glow that is perfect for beach season!

Mia del Mar Beauty Chiseled Cheek-a Face Palette

#5 – Have you jumped on the glowy blush bandwagon yet?  No???  Well climb aboard because I am all in!  I have found that a glowy blush is just darn near perfect 🌟 Mia del Mar’s Flamingoals Blush Palette is everything! I am actually wearing Tanga-rine on my cheeks today with Majestic AF as a topper. I love the combination of finishes and the variety of colors and the pan sizes are quite generous 😍 This Latina beauty brand has been on my radar for quite some time!
Mia del Mar Beauty Flamingoals Blush Palette
#6 – Every mermaid needs to be ready to transition from day to night for the bonfires and drum circles.  This Honeybee Gardens Earth & Ocean palette has all the perfect earth baby boho shades to go sheer and beautiful or dark and smoky for that mysterious mermaid vibe 🌙

Honeybee Gardens Earth & Ocean Eyeshadow Palette

#7 – No mermaid is complete without some scaly shimmer 😏 The Sun Goddess Collection of flash tattoos from TribeTats has a beautiful variety that is perfect for beach season…check out the sea turtle!  I also love the sun and the pineapple in this set!  I am definitely going to pick up this pack for  the Riptide Music Festival in December!

Sun Goddess Flash Tattoos from TribeTats
#8 – Cute sunnies are a must for beach season…I just don’t see it any other way!  I especially love cat eye shape, because I feel it brings a heightened sense of glamour & vintage vibe to the whole look.  Freyrs Fiona Cat Eye Sunglasses are perfect and the cute frame just completely seals the deal 😎
Freyrs Fiona Cat Eye Sunglasses
#9 – This nail polish from Wailani almost mimics a mermaid’s beautiful scaly tail.  I mean really?!?!  The name of the shade is Mermaid Scales 💙 I love the duochrome finish and the flashes from blue to green are just stunning…there’s even some purple in there too! Now I want to find a swimsuit to match! Sorry you can’t find this one on Amazon but I had to include it because it just screams summer mermaid ready 😍

Wailani Nail Polish in Mermaid Scales
#10 – Mermaids love to show off their shiny trinkets!  This Yina Hawaii Handnade Necklace and Earrings Set is mysterious, yet beachy and cute!  It actually reminds me of the lost city of Atlantis.  Just dangle it in the light to watch it catch the sun’s rays like it does through the water and watch it change colors 💙
Yina Hawaii Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry

So tell me…are you just as obsessed with mermaids as me?  

If so, let me know what your favorite summer mermaid ready product is!  I am always looking for new goodies to add to my Thingamabobs 😉

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission based on any purchases you make using my links. Thank you for visiting and supporting my page 💙

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